Hubert's Success Story

09 July 2019 Shannon Johnson


Name: Hubert Colvin

Position: Sales Manager

At Adeptis Group since 2016

By the end of 2012, I had been working at a global recruitment company in the city for three years before the Adeptis Directors approached me about a recruitment business they had started. Having seen the success that both Jon and Nye had achieved at their previous company, I knew that if I was going to leave SThree and move to a start-up, it would be with Adeptis and it would be alongside these Directors in particular.

My first 12 months at Adeptis focused on the growth of the UK market before moving onto a New Business and Account Manager role across the Swiss market, as Adeptis gained traction across Europe. Being part of a growing team put me in good stead for what was to become my next role as Manager of the French and Contract team. A combination of personal and professional traits and the ability to support, mentor and nurture the team around me.

As the business grew and the succession plan became clearer, I progressed into Sales Manager across the whole business with individual team leads now reporting into me.

Working for an emerging meritocracy where internal individuals are invested based on their talent, effort and achievements presented me with an opportunity that’s allowed me to fast track my career into a business leadership position. Adeptis Group is not just an organisation to work for; it’s a place to build a career and work amongst a group of EPIC individuals.

My next challenge with the business is to manage the organisation through further growth and expansion into new markets, whilst formulating a coherent succession plan that will afford other individuals in the business the same opportunity I was fortunate enough to realise. 

Favourite Quote: "When you lose your excuses you will find your results"

Favourite Adeptis Memory: New Zealand vs England Rugby match at Twickenham

Best thing about working for Adeptis: The people!