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Valuing Mental Health

12 October 2020


With one in four people in the UK suffering from mental health problems at some point in their lives, it has become critical for the stigma surrounding mental health to be removed from the corporate narrative. 

Whilst the Equality Act put in place in 2010 gives us the right to challenge discrimination against certain characteristics (mental health being one of them), the stigma surrounding this in the workplace could still stand, with employees feeling perceived as different due to their mental health problems. It is important for corporations to pledge their commitment to changing the way we all thinking and act about mental health in the workplace and put in place best-practice interventions and policies to help the people around you work in ways that promote and champion a positive mental wellbeing. 

In a year when the world has been at its' most uncertain, with people feeling more isolated and anxious due to Covid, it's important to realise that this period isn't easy for anyone, and in the middle of a challenging time we need to be looking after ourselves so that we can look after each other.

Here at Adeptis we have incorporated mental and physical wellbeing into our employer mission. We live by our company values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Connectivity (EPIC) when dealing with our clients and candidates... but we also believe that addressing these values towards our colleagues and ourselves can impact the workspace around us and the effect it has on our mental health. 

We are committed to delivering excellence to both our clients and to our staff. We work to a set of guiding principles which incorporate our values, our company mission and the interest of all our employees. Monthly appraisals and confidential sessions encourage us to think about our engagement with the relationship between our work and the effect it has on our mind and body to move forward in an effective way that champions a positive mental wellbeing.

A key driver for our success is our passion for working with people, whether this be candidates, clients or industry contacts. We have mirrored this passion for people by caring for the heart of the business- our employees, and provided different initiatives of support such as our Buddy Scheme and flexible working to allow a positive relationship between professional personal wellbeing. 

We have created an open and honest environment for our employees to thrive both personally and professionally, whether this be through a physical and mental wellbeing coach or confidential HR engagement. 

This is the core of what we do. We build and maintain relationships and that is the fundamental part of our business. For us, it is important for our employees to feel connected to the organisation's goals and visions, but also connected to themselves and their mental wellbeing. 

Committing and developing an approach to mental health within the workplace provides a safe space that protects and improves your employees personal health and engagement with the job at hand. We all have times when we feel down, stressed or overwhelmed but understanding how you can combat these issues is critical for the wellbeing of others and it is our duty as colleagues and employers to check in those around us.

While most of the time we try to be EPIC, it's sometimes okay not to okay.