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Top Tips on Securing Top Talent

12 October 2019

Finding top talent in the Cyber Security industry has always been difficult due to the skills gap but with more and more positions becoming available, securing talent is a problem.
Our Consultants Ryan and Andy are here on hand to give you their top tips on securing talent, focusing on what could be costing you the right candidate throughout the recruitment process.

1. Length of Process
Really big one... candidates in the Security market will move really quickly and in our experience every candidate we have in process will have around 4 other offers at the end of their job search, meaning your company has a 20% chance of securing this candidate. If your process is taking anything over three stages of interview, you might not even be in the running for a final decision due to candidates having lack of time and surplus of processes that could be quicker than yours.

2. Market Research
There are a lot of jobs out there asking for unrealistic things in correlation with the market so you need to understand what the skill set is that you are looking for, research what it looks like on the market and define it compared to what your business needs before going out to market with a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate.

3. Unrealistic Expectations
Expecting someone who is already in the position you are offering to stay in the same position for the same salary is not realistic. Your company might have other benefits to offer, but chances are there will be another company out there offering more. We live in a world where candidate is king so be realistic about offering and expectations. Give someone a chance to come from a more junior position to progress upwards in their career and they will love your company for doing so.

4. Understand your Key Selling Points
In the crowded market that security is, candidates will go to companies that stand out. People don't want to work for average companies where they are doing average work. They want to work for exceptional businesses where they truly believe they have a purpose, so think about this when you are posting the job. How are you making your business stand out and what sets you apart from everybody else.

Interview processes these days aren't just about you choosing the right candidate for your business, it's also about them choosing the right business for them.