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Top Tips on Retaining Cyber Talent

14 February 2020

Finding top talent in the Cyber Security industry has always been difficult due to the skills gap but with more and more positions becoming available, securing talent is a problem. Our Consultants Ryan and Andy are here on hand to give you their top tips on securing talent, focusing on what could be costing you the right candidate throughout the recruitment process.

1. Priority of Cyber
One of the main reasons we see cyber candidates looking elsewhere for new positions is because they don't feel Cyber Security is a big enough priority in the business they work in. Cyber can sometimes be perceived as a check box exercise for business objectives and this can lead cyber employees to feel like they aren't truly adding value to the goal.

2. Personal Development
Lots of candidates we speak to work for businesses where they have a very broad role and are plugging a lot of gaps for that business but not necessarily seeing specific developments in an area that they have a passion in. Investing in the personal development of your employees empowers staff to produce better results and in turn improves overall effectiveness.

3. False Promises
Making promises to a candidate at offer stage and then not following through with them is a huge no no in the world of business etiquette. We see this frequently where someone has been hired under the pretence that they will build a team or develop a new service offering and then it never comes to light. Cyber Security is an industry based on trust and people tend to have a very strong moral compass and if employees feel like you haven't been honest, this is a big no no in the security industry and candidates will leave for that reason.

4. Brand Perception
In the crowded market that security is, candidates will go to companies that stand out. People don't want to work for average companies with a bad name in the market. As we said before, the cyber industry is based on trust and if your employees aren't brand ambassadors for you, it could be that candidates coming in to interview could know the perception based around your brand.

In a rapidly evolving industry where candidate is key, and a generation where average length of service is 18 months and people are always searching for more, understanding ways in which you can retain your top cyber talent is crucial to the growth and success of your business.