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Success Story- Ryan Virani

14 October 2019 Ryan Virani

Name: Ryan Virani
Position: UK Team Leader & Senior Consultant
At Adeptis Group since 2017

How would you summarise your journey with Adeptis Group?

I would say it's been exciting. Don't get me wrong there have been a lot of highs and a lot of lows and I am constantly challenged in my role every day but working in recruitment and working at Adeptis Group it's the first time i've been excited about the future. I have a set route that I am following and I see progression every day, from when I joined the company to where I am now I definitely look back and see a massive amount of improvement.

How do you get through the hard times that recruitment can bring?

I think recruitment is like any other job and any area of life really, there are hard times, there is lots of rejection and a lot of difficult periods to overcome. But like everything there is always a silver lining and always a lesson to learn and if you look hard enough you can improve yourself quite substantially, more so from the failures in life and in recruitment then from when you are doing really well. I look at every failure as a potential opportunity and learn what I can from it to better myself for the future.

When did you realise recruitment was for you?

It was probably after my third deal, where I had done the whole process three consecutive times through and had built substantial confidence in what I was doing and I think it was the first time where I truly believed in my ability to fulfill the needs of my clients and candidates and deliver a really good service.

Who are your role models or mentors?

From a role model perspective, being on one of Andrew Sillitoe . I really like the stuff that he does and i really believe in the messages he puts out there. Also seeing new things coming through, I really like what Hishem Azzouz is doing with the Recruitment Rollercoaster podcast. I'm a big fan and love listening to the ideas that come through from there. But ultimately one of my biggest recruitment role models is my director Jon Palling. Seeing what he has accomplished across his career and in such a short time with Adeptis and the ambition for the business is great. 

If you could add anyone to your team, who would it be?

I would probably add Anthony Joshua for three reasons.He's a really hard working guy, very dedicated to what he does and loves and then most importantly he's recently had a set back but he's coming back from that and being that resilient is a key trait most successful recruiters have to share.

What is your favourite thing about working for Adeptis?

It would have to be the people. I have never worked in an environment where I truly see everybody that I work with as both a colleague and a friend and everybody has, not always the same opinions on things, but we all get along and we are all there working for the same purpose. It's great to work in an environment where I can look over my right and left shoulder and see people working to the same defined vision as I have.