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Moving Jobs During Covid

14 October 2020

Moving jobs has always been a big step in the game of life and now with the added importance of job security, it could seem riskier than ever. But let's not forget, there is never a good reason to stay in a bad job... You might have been looking to move Pre-Covid or it might be a consequence of how your company has handled the past few months, but we are on hand to help.

Of course, you might think because we are in the middle of a global pandemic and many people have been furloughed or made redundant that it is not the right time to move, however, the market isn't as stuck as you might think.

From speaking with numerous businesses and understanding the effect the pandemic has had on the first half of the year, many businesses are behind on a number of key strategic hires they wanted to make in H1. With sectors and businesses slowly returning back to some form of normality, projects are being resumed and hiring is picking up again, however there is still a backlog of recruitment hires and plans. Key hires that needed to be made in H1 will now roll over into H2 alongside the recruitment plans for H2, meaning we will see is an increase in the niche and unique roles out there and lots of opportunities with exciting businesses.

With many companies having furloughed staff or resorted to redundancy, the dedication to hire is something organisations will be taking seriously, meaning they are resilient and committed. Just as companies have struggled throughout this time, many will have thrived, giving them the opportunity to grow.

It might seem a huge step to move from a steady job into a new role, a lot of businesses are aware of the concerns people face during difficult times, and as a result, are more open to spending longer answering questions, offering more details and potentially being more flexible. Most businesses have had to change the way they work alongside preparing for a new world so it's a great time to join a new business and have the most impact.

With all this being said, moving jobs is a big step and it has to come from both your head and your heart but we have experienced consultants to help you along the way.