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Cyber Scares

30 October 2020

Halloween is here and if you weren’t already feeling spooked by 2020 then here are some scary facts about Cyber Security that might make you scream… 

Over half of millennials experienced cyber-crime in the last year
With Millennials being technically savvy, and a high proportion living their lives online, it’s no surprise that over half of them are a victim to cyber-crimes. 

It typically takes companies on average 6 months to notice a data breach
Industries such as Finance take on average 98 days to notice their data breach whereas retail companies can take up to an eyewatering 197. 

The biggest fine issued by the UK’s Data Protection authority, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) so far is £183million against British Airways
Back in 2018, British Airways, owned by IAG, were fined £183 million after users of the airline website were diverted to a fraudulent side where information was harvested by attackers. Around 500,000 customers were affected with attackers gaining access to people’s personal data including names, email address and credit card information. 

Microsoft formats such as word, power point and excel comprise the most prevalent group of malicious file extensions
In a case study published by Cisco, it was identified that office products are the most prevalent group of malicious email attachments. This could be due to the familiarity users feel with the Microsoft brand and how attackers leverage that. 

Facebook exposed phone numbers and linked Facebook ID’s of 18 million UK users
In a global incident caused by Facebook storing hundreds of millions of phone numbers on an unprotected server, 18 million UK users were affected by this breach. The records linked the user’s unique Facebook ID to a phone number that was associated with a user’s account, which were then stored on a server without password protection.