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Tokyo Olympic Games- 'For the Planet and the People'

22 July 2021

Tokyo, this year’s host for the Olympics, is aiming to be the greenest-ever Games. Even the slogan – “Be better, together —For the planet and the people” – is climate-friendly.

Organisers have said they will use sustainable materials where possible to minimise the environmental the games have and are using a number of initiatives and renewable energy sources to achieve this. 

Olympic Podiums

For this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, there will be a 3D-printed podium made of recycled, donated plastic waste, designed by Asao Tokoro. The underlying philosophy behind this is to create something that could be kept and reused instead of throwing away as rubbish. 

Olympic Medals

For this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, about 5,000 medals have been made from recycled small electronic devices that people across Japan donated for the project. The Olympics state that this year’s Olympics are the first to use recycled medals, and the first Olympics to get locals involved in the process.

Renewable Electricity

Games organisers have set a target of using 100 percent renewable electricity at Olympic sites during the event.
Around 30 to 35 percent of this power will come directly from green sources, mainly solar energy and biofuel, with the other venues that cannot procure renewable energy through power companies instead converting their non-renewable electricity into renewable using green power certificates. 

Organisers say carbon emissions generated at the Tokyo Games will be significantly lower than the carbon footprint of both the London and Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The Tokyo Games will emit no more than 2.73 million tonnes of CO2, compared to London’s 3.3 million tonnes of CO2 and Rio’s 4.5 million tonnes of CO2. This was calculated before overseas spectators were banned from the Games due to the pandemic and therefore the final carbon footprint is expected to be even lower.