To be a Penetration Tester (also known as Pen Tester/Ethical Hacker or Security Consultant), you need a certain type of skills. Some of these include -

  • Knowledge outside of key tools is vital. Understanding the vulnerabilities outside of the software they are using will help them along the way.
  • A desire to learn is a mindset for any pen tester. Hands-on experience deploying different programmes will help with continuous learning.
  • Coding isn’t something they will be writing, they will be breaking it. When they are manipulating data, knowing code will help when it comes to spending time on an assessment.

Since recruiting Penetration Testers since 2015, we have found that attracting Penetration Testers/Ethical Hackers into a corporate environment can be challenging as many are looking for a start-up or SME culture with free time for R&D and CTF exercises.

We are passionate about searching, sourcing and finding the best ethical hackers/pen testers for your business. Please get in touch with us to help source the right talent for your teams.

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