10 reasons why you should relocate to the UK if you’re a Penetration Tester

12 December 2018 Shannon Johnson


You’re a Penetration Tester? Congratulations! You have one of the most in-demand skill sets within cyber security of current times. With Ransomware, data breaches and supply chain being the biggest threats in 2017, Cyber threats in the digital economy is bigger than ever at the moment.

We saw 796 significant threats being caught from the National Cyber Security Centre meaning being a Penetration Tester or an Ethical Hacker is the go-to career with the security market.

Being sought after means that the world is pretty much your oyster; you can live out a lucrative career almost anywhere. However, we believe that there’s no place better to do this than the UK.

Here are our top 10 reasons on why you should relocate


  • Development

    UK businesses understand that you’re desired, they will make the effort to invest in development and training to keep you here and happy. You could be given the opportunity to undertake industry accredited certifications and attend industry conferences.



  • Healthcare

    With the NHS looking to spend a huge amount of money on Cyber Security, it’s a great sector to also develop your career. That aside, it’s still one of the best free Healthcare services in the world, and you could benefit from it. On top of that, many UK businesses will provide their employees with excellent private healthcare packages.


  • Language

    One of the most valuable things you can learn in life is a new language. Use a relocation to the UK as an opportunity to pick up the world’s most widely spoken language.


  • Brexit

    As controversial as the subject is, there’s no denying that it’s an issue of some uncertainties when it comes to Brexit. If you’ve been considering a move here, take advantage of your current rights. Any EU citizen that arrives here before Brexit day will have the right to stay.


  • Salary

    Outside of the DACH region, the UK has the highest average salaries for cyber security jobs in Europe


  • Digital Economy

    As the UK are striving to have the best digital economy in the world, ahead of the US and the rest of Western Europe, the UK government and corporations are investing in facilitating and fostering the


  • Opportunity in Abundance

    Many countries are behind the times but being a trailblazer in cyber security means that UK businesses understand better than anyone else the increasing need to protect themselves. You need to look no further than parliament; the UK government is spending £1.9bn between 2016 and 2021 as part of an update to the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy



  • Work Culture

    Whilst you can enjoy numerous contractual features of the UK work culture, you might not have even considered the social benefits. We’re very much about working AND playing hard. If you look forward to relaxing with after work drinks and chats, look no further than the Brits. And you can bet your boss will be the first in the queue for the bar.


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