Top Tips on Getting into Cyber Security

11 November 2019 Shannon Johnson


With Europe's Cyber Security skills gap almost doubling over the last year, the industry must adopt a cross skill philosophy across a range of sectors in order to meet business demands and increase the global cyber security workforce.

With that in mind, this week we wanted to give some tips on cross skilling into the Cyber Industry. With so many great opportunities for a range of companies across different vertical sectors within Cyber, there has never been a better time to consider moving into the industry.

1. Understand what it is you want to do

Cyber is a huge industry and there are lots of different paths you could take. Think about your relevant experience and where this might be useful across the cyber spectrum. If you aren't sure, then speak to people who are in the industry and see what they like and dislike about certain roles to help you understand what it is you want to do.

2. Find a mentor

Finding a mentor, preferably someone who has walked the path you are about to and has cross skilled into cyber from another industry would be a very useful tool. We see lots of people who have successfully got into Cyber and with that comes a lot of great advice to give. Once you have understood what it is you want to do, find someone in your network and utilise them for the best tips and advice.

3. Research what skills and certifications you need

Companies want certain skills and certifications depending on the role and area of security, so researching what it is you need can help you understand how your previous experience can be crossed over. If you already have these skills/certifications, then great! But if not, take a look what courses or training you can do to get up to speed before entering processes with different companies.

4. Get feedback

If you are struggling to get through different interview stages with the businesses you want to join, then it is important to understand why. Ask for feedback, get advice on what you can gain from this feedback and look at the areas you are lacking and focus on improving those before moving onto another opportunity.

5. Manage your own expectations

Managing your own expectations when crossing over industries is an important tip. You might have to take a pay cut, you may have to take a step down in seniority whilst you rebuild yourself and your knowledge in this area- but like anything, it's not going to happen over night, and with persistence and hard work yo uwill be able to do it- just like many before you have!

Upskilling and cross-skilling of employees is an essential function within a sector that has such a huge skills gap and many companies understand that they must offer the support and infrastructure for talent to do this from other industries.