My International Work Experience during Covid-19

08 June 2020 Inês Vieira


My Internship...

This year, with Inov Contacto, I was chosen to be part of the Adeptis Group in Brighton for a period of six months. I can say that I was so excited to start this new adventure and new beginning in the UK. Not only was it a country where I could imagine myself living in, but also because I wanted to have this international experience, where I would learn more about the culture and their way of working.

And for a period of a month and a half, I did it! I was able to experience it but then coronavirus arrived silently but tremendously frightening: people were scared of being outside. Living their normal lives was no longer possible.

After much consideration and mainly since I didn't have the safest conditions at home to do the quarentine in Brighton, I decided to choose to come back to Portugal.

Luckily, I am in a company where working from home is completely possible and being in Portugal or in the UK makes no difference to them. Something that I value a lot in this company is that they make sure we are physically and mentally healthy. We have two meetings a day, and at these times we are able to talk about our workday or something that is concerning us. We had different training sessions in the past weeks, and for fun we also do quizzes and bingo afternoons to replace our usual Friday drinks.

Even though my international experience is on hold at the moment, I have to say that comparing to my colleagues that were never able to go to their countries, I am really lucky that Adeptis Group are making sure I can enjoy it and learn as much as possible. And as soon as possible, I will go back to Brighton and continue enjoying my international experience, of course respcting safty measures considering that will be the new normal.

Inês Vieira