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Adeptis Cyber

Adeptis Cyber is Europe’s leading authority and trusted partner for hiring mid to senior level cyber security professionals. We provide expert advice and bespoke recruitment services to help our clients attract and retain the very best talent the industry has to offer, across the full taxonomy of cyber security

Permanent Recruitment


With Adeptis you will have access to an unrivaled network of professionals in Cyber, Risk, Forensics and Digital Technology. Our niche specialism has fostered brand that is renowned for its unique capability to understand our customer’s needs. 

Executive Search


For hard to fill expert practitioner roles or senior and strategic positions, we apply a deposit-led retained search solution to commit our time and resources to growing your business. 



For specific, short term, business critical requirements where skilled practitioners are needed at short notice, we deploy our IR35 compliant interim solution to ensure your business is powered by the right people, saving cost on internal resource and ad hoc agency fees. 

Project Delivery


Adeptis Cyber is able to mobilise its Project Delivery capability in a timely fashion 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to  business and time critical requirements from customers.



For cross functional, volume based, outsourcing opportunities, we operate a managed service RPO solution through the Adeptis brand. Adeptis works as an extension to your HR or Talent Acquisition  function, providing an holistic solution to your recruitment management. Our market knowledge, unrivalled network and robust recruitment process will become an asset to your business, providing the competitive edge over you competition required to source and retained the very best talent. Offering both on-site and remote delivery, Adeptis will represent your business in the candidate market, guaranteeing your recruitment process are efficient and successful. 


Governance, Risk & Compliance is the measure used to observe the policies, regulations, anticipated issues within an organisation and the procedures used to manage the business. Aimed at ensuring compliance and mitigating threats, GRC underpins the Cyber Security and Data Privacy posture of a business.


Acting Cyber adversaries objectively evaluating and testing Cyber Security systems, controls, and defences to inform the Security professionals tasked with protecting an organization's critical assets against a changing threat landscape. Combining threat intelligence, monitoring, detection, and incident response to ensure Cyber resilience.

Security Engineering

The design, implementation, and monitoring of computer and network systems to deliver layered protection against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats and all types of cybercrime through policy, architecture, and controls that incorporate security by design.

Sales & Pre-sales

Promoting the products and services of business selling Cyber Security solutions. From new launches through to dominating market share, effective Sales, Pre-Sales & Marketing is the corner stone to business growth.