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Adeptis Zero

Specialist recruitment partner working with our clients to create a zero carbon world. 

Permanent Recruitment


With Adeptis Zero you will have access to an unrivalled network of professionals in Renewable Energy and Investment. Our niche specialism has fostered brand that is renowned for its unique capability to understand our customer’s needs. 

Executive Search


Adeptis Zero offer a retained search service which enables us to prioritise and focus solely on your search assignment across Renewables and Investment. 



Offering both on-site and remote delivery, Adeptis will represent your business in the candidate market and ensure your business is powered by the right people, saving cost on internal resource and ad hoc agency fees.

Project Delivery


Adeptis Zero is able to mobilise its Project Delivery capability in a timely fashion 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to  business and time critical requirements from customers.

Finance and M&A

Across the Project Finance and M&A teams of Renewable Energy Developers and Funds, we cater to a wide range of levels from Analyst to Director, with the ability to conduct in-depth searches across many geographies. 


From early-stage site assessment through to the later stages, we represent a large number of candidates in a very candidate-short section of the industry.


Commercial and technical on-site operations require diligent searches to find the right employee to fit the company, with an in-depth knowledge of the industry we can provide many options to make sure you can find the right fit. 


With the amount of investment and projects increasing within the sector, advisory services are more important than ever. This comes with an increased staffing need which Adeptis Zero are more than capable of handling.