Training & Progression

At Adeptis we aim to create a fun, stimulating and challenging work environment so that our employees can grow within our business.

We know how much value people place on their ability to learn and grow in the job.

Adeptis offer a structured training programme for every level of recruiter joining the business, be that from absolute newbie to senior recruiters. 

Our comprehensive induction programme made up of 7 modules caters to new starters that have no experience in recruitment or sales. Across a period of 6 months, new recruits are put through an intense training programme to learn the basic elements of recruitment and support them through to becoming a full 360 consultant. 

Our coaching and engagement programme supports Senior Recruiters coming into the business, allowing them to develop their skills and focus on strategy and running their desk successfully in the Cyber market. 

Adeptis have a very clear progression plan in place and within each level of consultant, there is a designated accredited training programme  in place to support required to excel at the job. 

  • 12 Weeks

    Follow a 12 week programme with our in-house Learning and Development Manager. 

  • 7 Modules

    7 Modules covering the whole recruitment cycle from finding talent to managing clients.  

  • Monthly PBR

    Each Consultant participates in a monthly Personal Business Review to discuss progression pathways and provide feedback to the business leaders.




    We understand that investing in training and development gives our consultants the best chance to be the most excellent version of themselves and empowers them to make key decisions. 

    A key driver for our success is our passion for working with people. The team at Adeptis Group are ambassadors of Cyber Security and continuously learning. 

    We have created an open and honest environment for our employees to thrive in. Our incredible team sets the foundation for a loyal and successful business. 

    With this being the core of what we do, it is important for our employees to feel connected to the organisation's goals and values and believe in the opportunities here at Adeptis.