Adrien Bastrentaz


Cyber Security Recruitment Consultant, Spain

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+44 (0) 1273 855 350


My background

I am with Adeptis Group for summer of 2017 as a Spanish speaking Trainee Recruitment Consultant. This internship is part of my International Business degree that I am currently studying in my first year at Louise Michel in Grenoble (France). Prior to this I’ve done a Baccalauréat in Economic and Social in Chambéry.


Why did I join Adeptis?

I joined Adeptis Group for two months as part of my college placement programme, similar to my friend that referred me after her placement with Adeptis last summer.

I took this opportunity to improve my English skills, while at the same time I develop professional skills vital for my studies and future career.

Due to my bilingual language skills in French and Spanish, Adeptis gives me the opportunity (and freedom) to help develop and establish the Spanish market together with my colleague Alejandro.


What do I do outside of work?

I was lucky to travel a lot with my parents and to discover all of the 5 continents giving me the taste of discovering other cultures at an early age. Coming to the UK for the summer is part of my discovery journey and in my free time I like visiting new places within the city. The seaside is one of my most favourite places to meet up with my friends…

My Social Connections
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