Hubert Colvin

DACH Region

Head of Cyber Security Recruitment, Switzerland

Contact Hubert
+41 (0) 43 501 292 1


My Background:
I joined Adeptis in December 2015 as Senior Recruitment Consultant and had the opportunity to be responsible for GRC and Security Audits.

Before I joined the Adeptis Team I got experience through working for an international recruitment company in London, where I worked in the Pharmacy and IT field. In that company I also had the chance to place candidates into high positions,which enhanced my professional experience.

Even though I did my Bachelors degree in Biology at the Imperial College in London, I prefer to work with people. Speaking to and helping them is one of my interests and I hope I can use this in the future, as well as move my career towards recruitment.

Why did I join Adeptis Group?
I was drawn to the cybersecurity industry. This field is highly interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about it, with the full knowledge that cyber security is something that affects us all in our everyday life and that the industry will grow rapidly in the next few years.

My Social Connections
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