Oliver Nissel

United Kingdom

Cyber Security Recruiter, Penetration Tester & SOC

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01273 855 350



My Background

I joined Adeptis at the start of October 2016 after working in television in London.
So, how did I get into cyber security recruitment? People who know me would know I’m a very technical kind of guy. Technology is a passion of mine and as a result I studied a BSc in Television & Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth.

I started my career helping to create a BBC television series for a small production company in London. I then went on to undertake a technical assistant role for a sports broadcast production company in London, I wanted a more challenging position away from London and came across Adeptis.

Why did I join Adeptis?

I joined Adeptis as I liked the idea of recruitment and wanted a more active position involving technology. It gives me the opportunity to learn about cyber security whilst developing my business and communication skills. Since joining I’ve learnt a tremendous amount about the cyber world and have loved every minute!

What do I do outside of work?
Socialising with friends, going to the gym, driving (both cars & motorbikes), cooking, skiing…

My Social Connections
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