Ryan Virani

United Kingdom

Executive Search Consultant UK


Contact Ryan
+44 (0) 1273 855 350


My Background

I have worked mainly in the health and fitness sector for the past 5 years working. This included managing a health club, to gym equipment sales. My last role was a bit of a change as I moved to building supplies working with large companies selling commodities.

Why did I join Adeptis?

Through my career, I have discovered that my passion is working with people, whether that be helping them get something they are currently not getting or developing themselves into a new role that better suits there skills and potential. Here at Adeptis I feel at home working with passionate people to find there next step up into a new challenge.

What do I do outside work?

Well coming from a health & fitness background this is still something I am heavily involved in and love doing, but other than that, I spend most of my free time with my puppy pug Lily who keeps me very busy. 

My Social Connections
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